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Howdy, friendly reading person!
I'm on a bit of a hiatus right now, but only to work on other projects -- one incredibly exciting example being the newly-released kids' science book series Things That Make You Go Yuck!
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This One’s Sim-ply Biblical

So, I mentioned a few days ago that my wife bought me The Sims for Christmas.

(Yeah, yeah, I know — that’s sooo 2002, right? Or 2001, even.

Look, I don’t keep up with all these crazy games. I like to play, sure, but I’m finding that I’m no entertainophile, or whatever the real latest-‘n’-greatest game nuts are called. I’m happy to grab an older game at a discount, spend a few months getting bored with it, and then moving on to the next thing that everyone else has already played. I don’t find many gaming buddies that way — who would still play the original Half Life online with me these days, eh? — but it still keeps me busy. And slightly less poor, so I’ve got that going for me.)

Anyway, The Sims. Since we’ve been back, I’ve had a chance to try it out. Where ‘a chance’ means ‘several dozen hours, mostly when I should have been sleeping’. So I’ve spent a fair amount of time the past two weeks with my little simulated minions, and I wanted to mention them here.

Of course, given that A) many of you don’t play such games, and 2) those who do have gotten your Sim freak on long ago, and have moved on to newer and flashier games — like Doom, or Myst, or Pong — I’ve decided not to bore you with a long, detailed description of the game, and my little people, and what I’ve been doing to/with/for them.

No, that wouldn’t do at all. So I’ve decided to bore you in a slightly different way, instead. Just for you, I’ve developed a ‘God complex’ — you see what I do for you people? — and I’ve written a Bible to hand down to my sims to tell them ‘the story so far’ of their virtual world.

(Which is sort of asinine, since they were actually there for ninety percent of it, I realize. And even more ridiculous, because they don’t fricking exist in the first place, sure.

But dammit, I needed something to write about on a Sunday afternoon, so this is what I’m going with. Don’t pester me with logic, fer chrissakes. I’m grabbing at straws as it is.)

So, for your reading enjoyment and spiritual edification, I give you: ‘The Sim Bible‘, also known as ‘That Happening Holy History Book‘. Bow your heads, and let’s recite from the beginning.

(No, no, not you. If you bow your head, you can’t frigging see the monitor, now, can you? Sheesh. Get with the program.)

The Book of SimGenesis:

In the beginning, there was a gift. A holy gift, wrapped in nice paper, and smelling a bit of perfume. Or frankincense, maybe — no one’s really sure.

And yea, the Lord opened the gift, and saw that the gift was good. And the gift begat a box, which further begat a CD, and the CD begat a program, from which hath sprung all the sim world around you. All hail the holy perfumy box, and all its progeny.

On the first day, the CD sat, unread. The CD also sat unread on the second day, and the third, and the fourth. The Lord is a busy man, with many responsibilities outside the world you know. Plus, the Lord was really hungover after His holy New Year’s Eve party, and would have made a really lousy deity that day. Plagues of frogs and all that shit — you wouldn’t have liked the Lord on that day.

On the fifth day, though, the Lord got His holy shit together, and turned His attention to the sacred CD. And yea verily did He transfer the software to the Lord’s computer — via immaculate installation, of course — and brought forth your world into existence. All praise the holy computer, mother to all Sims! Amen.

The Book of Simesiastes:

When the world was initialized by the Lord, several Sims were already living in it. These are the ancient heathens of your world; they are sinful, and do not worship the Lord. Unless the Lord decides to play as one of them. Which the Lord only did once, for a little while, with the two heathen chicks that live together. At which time, they were very, very sinful, indeed. And the Lord saw that it was good. And pretty hot, too. The Lord knew a bathroom with two tubs would come in handy. Yowza.

Wow, that wasn’t very damned biblical. I hope this shit ends up in the Simpocrypha. Next book, then.

The Book of Simiticus:

After the Lord determined — using His holy, omniscient magicaly powers — that the roommate girls weren’t going to have lesbian sex any time soon, the Lord became weary and bored and slightly less horny. And so, the Lord created the first of His chosen people — His Adam.

Only his name wasn’t Adam. That’s too obvious. Your Lord is kind of a cheeseball, but some things are too easy, even for Him.

No, the first chosen Sim’s name was Harry. Harry Simson. The Lord chose ‘Simson’ as a surname, because He thought it was clever and witty. Upon further reflection — later, as the Lord was using the Holy john — the Lord realized that the vast majority of Lords who create chosen people very probably do the exact same thing. The Lord really is kind of a cheeseball.

Nevertheless, you have to worship Him. Cheeseball or not, He brought your asses into this world, and He’ll take you out if you cross Him. Keep that in mind.

Now, back to Harry, the chosen one. The Lord created Harry in his image, more or less. The Lord suspects that Harry was a little shorter than the Lord, and probably in better shape… and Harry had a nicer wardrobe than the Lord has, but all things considered, Harry was quite a reasonable Chosen One.

For three of your days, the Lord watched Harry, and spake to Harry, and bade Harry to do the Lord’s work. Which mostly involved eating, taking out the trash, and flushing the toilet so the flies would stay out of the bathroom. Which is much like the work that the Lord’s wife asks the Lord to do, coincidentally. Perhaps Harry really was created in the mold of the Lord. Verily.

On the third of Harry’s days, the Chosen One made dinner for himself. The Chosen One had to, because the Lord set him up in a bachelor pad for starters. The Lord wasn’t interested in caring for an entire freaking family of chosen people — the Lord is busy and important, and was still a bit hung over, remember. So the Lord sayeth to Himself that Harry would make a nice start, and He took care to see that his Chosen One would flourish.

Of course, the Lord also sayeth to Himself that He needeth not read the manual that cometh with the sacred CD. And so, when Harry made dinner for himself on the third of Harry’s days, and Harry’s stove bursteth into flames, the Lord could not intervene. Had the Lord read the holy manual, the Lord would have known about the sacred smoke detector that He could have installed into the Chosen One’s kitchen. But the Lord didn’t read the holy manual, and yea, Harry burnethed into a pile of ashes on his kitchen floor.

(Oh, give it up. He was probably a sinner, anyway. The Lord knows for a fact that he didn’t always wash his hands after using the bathroom. That’s bad karma. Harry brought it on himself, really.

Ooh, and hey, look — biblical parentheses. Now wouldn’t these come in handy?)

As the body of Harry burned, the Angel of Death arrived to collect Harry’s soul. And Harry must have sinned, because the Lord hasn’t seen Harry’s soul since. Harry’s not with the Lord, so Lord only knows where Harry went. The Lord’s omniscience only goes so far, you know.

Meanwhile, the Lord read the holy manual, and saw the holy smoke alarm section. The Lord then bulldozed Harry’s house, to destroy the evidence of the Lord’s ignorance. In addition to a cheeseball, the Lord is occasionally also a royal douchebag. The Lord doesn’t want to talk about this any more. Amen, and all that shit.

The Book of Simeniah:

Yea, the Lord was not daunted by the works of Satan that claimed his Chosen Harry. (The Lord is a big fan of revisionist history, by the way.)

The Lord immediately set about populating the land with another of His chosen people, and created Timmy. Timmy Rosenrosen. And the Lord created Timmy in His own image, and even gave Timmy a cool striped shirt. And a new home. And a smoke detector. And the Lord saw that the smoke detector was good.

The Lord watched and instructed Timmy, the new Chosen One, for many of Timmy’s days. The Lord spake to Timmy, and saw that Timmy ate, slept, and occasionally went to work. The Lord found that Timmy could keep his job by going to the office every other day. The Lord developed Chosen One envy, until the Lord noted that the Chosen One is not anatomically correct. And yea, the Lord felt better about Himself.

After several of Timmy’s days, the Lord bade Timmy to call the apparently non-lesbian roommate chicks for a holy party. The Chosen One called, as instructed, and the two heathen ladies soon arrivedeth at Timmy’s door. The ladies entereth the house of the Lord’s Timmy, and the Lord saw that it was good. And sort of hot again, too. The Lord was having a slow weekend, all right?

So yea, the Lord bade Timmy to chat up the brunette roommate chick. And Timmy chattedeth, and the Lord saw that the chatting was good. Then, verily, the Lord bade Timmy to joke with the brunette roommate chick. And Timmy jokedeth, and the Lord saw that the joking was good. And then the Lord bade Timmy to hug the brunette roommate chick. And Timmy huggedeth, and the brunette roommate chick wasn’t having any of that, and the Lord saw that the brunette roommate chick was a stuck-up heathen bitch. The Lord considered talking to her directly using His burning stove, but none was available at the time. And the Lord cursed the smoke detector He’d bought, and bade Timmy to banish the brunette roommate chick from the house.

The Lord then bade Timmy to put the moves on the blonde roommate chick. And Timmy putteth on the moves, and the Lord saw that the moves were good. The Lord should have moves that good. The Lord would have so gotten Himself laid in high school with those moves. The Lord again developed a touch of Chosen One envy, until He remembered the ‘anatomically correct’ thing again. The Lord got over it.

When the Lord got around to bossing Timmy around again, the Chosen One was getting along swimmingethly with the blonde non-lesbian roommate chick, whose name turned out to be Chris. The Lord bade Timmy to invite Chris back several times during Timmy’s next week, and eventually the Lord bade Timmy propose to Chris. Chris, who turns out to be a good and faithful sim, accepted, and Timmy and Chris were wed in holy matrimony.

Which cost the Lord two hundred of Timmy’s bucks. Crap. Nobody told the Lord that. The Lord really has to start reading the whole manual, for chrissakes.

That’s it for the Sim Bible so far, but I’m still working on it. I’ve played a couple of days now with the woman in the house, too, and it’s a little more complicated. Lord knows what would happen if they have a kid or something.

Actually, come to think of it, Lord doesn’t. The Lord’s kind of a cheeseball, remember? Meh.

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6 Responses to “This One’s Sim-ply Biblical”

  1. picklejuice says:

    Oh man, this was good. I’m a bit of a cheeseball lord, too. This makes me want to buy you Sims 2 just to see what you’d write about it. (One of my Sims currently has the aspiration to sleep with ten different sims – it’s kinda awesome what a slut she is. It’s a lot more entertaining than the Sim who just wants to get rich.)

  2. #Debi says:

    This makes me want to get the Sims so I can be Lord of my own little universe. By the way, who’s Larry?

  3. Micah says:

    Yeah, you need to pick up The Sims 2. If you thought that the first one was addictive…

  4. SilverBubble says:

    I hated the Sims. What a waste of my undeniably valuable time… *coughs*

  5. wlfldy says:

    This is troubling. Never once have I had sexual innuendos running through my mind when frolicking with my Sims…

  6. RRaccoon says:

    Yea verily thou art an entertaining lord. And there was much rejoicing.

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